5 Careers for Business Analytics MBA Grads

An advanced degree in business analytics can prepare graduates to pursue several career options. Business analytics has become an important part of every company’s daily operations, and those who can analyze data are in high demand. Public and private businesses collect data sets that track profit margins, consumer habits, operational costs and more. Business analysts then study the data in order to understand the trends and help those in leadership positions make informed decisions. As the call for business school graduates with a specialty in business analytics grows, there are increasing opportunities in the job market.

An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Concentration in Business Analytics program from Radford University helps graduates become leaders in driving strategic growth by using data-informed techniques to optimize business decisions. This online degree program can help students understand and apply big data analysis to navigate industry-specific and general business challenges.

Business Analytics Career Opportunities

Students in Radford University’s online degree program will study big data and the use of econometrics to streamline time series; analyze and create investment portfolios for investors and clients; and develop financial models. By using mathematical simulation and modeling in prescriptive analytics, students will be able to enhance their ability to obtain actionable decisions in business situations.

Coursework includes relevant courses such as Business Analytics Foundations; Predictive Analytics and Data Mining; Prescriptive Analytics and Modeling; Business Forecasting; and Financial Analytics: Applications for Data Analysis and Portfolio Construction. As a result, students will gain in-demand analytics expertise and versatile, cross-functional business management knowledge. Aptitudes in these areas prepare them to pursue several careers in business analytics.

Below are five careers for graduates with an MBA with a concentration in business analytics:

  1. Business intelligence analyst. A business intelligence analyst, or a BI analyst, uses data to discover potential future market or business trends. These professionals find areas of an organization that can use improvements and recommend ways to create new strategies and collect information. When businesses use data and information to recognize trends, they can stay ahead of the competition. According to Indeed, the average base salary for a business intelligence analyst is $83,767 a year (as of April 2023), but the overall pay depends on location and experience level.
  2. Data analyst. A data analyst interprets and reviews large data sets and translates them in a way that non-experts can understand. This type of data is used to identify changes in the marketplace, inform decisions and learn about business trends. The national average salary for a data analyst is $74,570 per year (as of April 2023), depending on years of experience and geographic location.
  3. Financial analyst. The primary duties of a financial analyst are reviewing financial reports, using financial data to discover new business trends and recommending investment opportunities. According to the S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual median pay is $95,570 (as of May 2021), and the job growth outlook is at 9% through 2031, which is faster than the average.
  4. Management analyst. Management analysts evaluate ways that an organization can improve its efficiency. These professionals review financial data, interview staff, evaluate a company’s financial standing and recommend systems or products that can enhance an organization’s daily operations. The BLS predicts an 11% job outlook through 2031, with the average yearly pay of $93,000 (as of May 2021).
  5. Marketing director. The primary duties of a marketing director are building a marketing plan, conducting research and managing the marketing department. These professionals also develop specific marketing strategies based on current trends and adjust the budget accordingly. By working closely with the advertising and promotional departments, they can organize appropriate activities. The average annual pay is about $133,380 a year (as of May 2021).

How an Advanced Business Degree Can Help

This online MBA program offers flexible coursework to empower students with the ability to analyze critical data for better-informed decision-making. Graduates are equipped to understand and apply big data analysis to navigate industry-specific and general business challenges.

Learn more about Radford University’s online Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Business Analytics program.

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